If you’ve been following me for a while on Instagram, you’ll know my previous projects included neutrals, blacks, whites, browns, greens, and soft blues in a color palette. What makes a space so enjoyable to me is when it feels welcoming, functional, serves a purpose, and is well balanced. Time to get excited and inspired because 2021 is holding onto my favorite trends and incorporating some new interesting ones that will make a space look stunning.

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ONE. Warm Color Tones

2020 had a lot of whites, moody grays, blue grays, jewel tones, and some bold color choices. 2021, however, will be sticking with a warmer palette which I am loving!

– Sandy wood choices
– Warm toned paint colors
– Brass finishes
– Soft blue accents (paintings, pillows, wall colors)
– Deep moody warm grays (I like to call it “sexy gray”)

To demonstrate what this looks like, I made this infographic:

I love how easy this chair from Amazon can be placed anywhere and elevate a space. To shop:

TWO. Wood and dual-color kitchen cabinets. Worn & weathered backsplash

In 2021, we will see natural wood finish choices for cabinets. However, not everything may be wood, the dual-colored cabinets are still trending and add a lot of character and dimension to the space because of the separated color palettes. You may see white cabinets on top, but the bottom cabinets or just the island may be natural wood, black, soft blues and greens, or other warm tones of the like. My FAVORITE easy trend is painting the kitchen island black or a dark moody warm gray. Take a look at the pictures I posted above in trend #1 demonstrating that. If you have an island, consider giving it a try!

The backsplash this year is actually an imperfect look. A somewhat weathered looking material is what makes the kitchen give a sort of cozy feel as though it has been lived in. Here are some examples

THREE. Rounded shapes

If you take a moment to visit CB2, West Elm, Target, or even your local HomeGoods, you may notice a pattern in rounded furniture and decor.
Originally in my design for the loft/home office, I incorporated a round coffee table, which sold out before I could buy it. I am waiting to be notified when Target gets restocked. Crossing my fingers over here! Rounded archways, furniture, and objects can be put in the space.

I have found some beautiful pieces from Target such as this one here that just came back in stock:

FOUR. Dried Plants & Florals

My living room is picture number two below. I love the natural color it brings to the space and with the black vase that had texture as well, I just loved it. I guess I was ahead of the times because now 2021 really taking off with the dried plants and florals. There is a recognizable pattern that can be seen when shopping for florals these days and that is dried florals and plants.

If you know me and my work, you’ll know I cannot finish a project without an olive plant haha! The olive tree below is from Crate & Barrel, but Target JUST restocked their $150 version which, of course, I also convinced myself to buy!

To get my olive tree from Amazon:

FIVE. Natural textures: woven, jute, rattan, leather, cane, terra cotta, ceramics, wool, cotton

I am living for this trend!! I love natural textures, materials, and finishes. It brings such a warm and welcoming feeling to a space.
The picture I listed below of the arched cabinetry was actually from the vision board I put together when I was designing my Loft/Home Office. It is from Urban Outfitters and I fell in love. Unfortunately, it STILL is on backorder. But look how it nails multiple trends on the head killing two birds with one stone. Rounded edge, natural wood, and the dark black tones as well.

Below are more examples of natural finishes that are trending right now and I am, like I said, LIVING FOR IT! haha!

A jute rug is so versatile and can be placed under a bed, under a kitchen table, in the living room, in the play room, under the office desk, just about anywhere. To shop:

SIX. Classic Vintage Modern pieces

Last, but certainly not least, incorporating vintage pieces is soo beautiful, adds loads of character, and brings interest to the space. You may have an overall modern looking space, but consider incorporating some vintage looking pieces to ground the space into feeling like it has been lived in and there is history there. Rugs, picture frames, art work, vases, objects, and finishes.
Here are some examples…

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Enjoy shopping & designing, friends!

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