Motherhood q&a

I love getting to know my friends more and sharing our experiences to better support each other. Comment below your answers! I want to know I am not the only mama who experiences my answers below! ✨

What do you miss the most about the newborn stage? I would have to say I miss the feeling of stillness. There is something special about laying down with your newborn and just gazing into their eyes for a long time. When they get older, they have so much energy I only get those moments when Mila is sleeping haha!

What was your proudest mommy moment? Maybe the many times I would see my girl in her daycare class (pre-covid) dacing to the music because she seemed to be the most excited about anything music related. She loves instruments, reggae, dance music, classical piano, guitar, you name it. Definitely daddy’s little girl!

What did you wish you knew before you became a mommy? How hard the first year was going to be as it is for many mothers because my world obviously was completely changed. Obviously for the better, but I typically need time to process major changes in my life, for good or bad. In this case of course it was good!

What was your favorite part about being pregnant? Feeling the belly get kicked!! I miss it so much.

Who’s the strictest parent: daddy or mommy? Daddy!

What’s the best and worst piece of advice you’ve ever received? Best would be to enjoy and soak in every single moment you have with your child because it goes in the blink of an eye. The worst would be to not buy a wipe warmer for an infant haha! It was a MUST HAVE for me.

What is the best thing about being a mom? How inspiring her joy is and getting to witness how big her heart is. (When she isn’t throwing a toddler tantrum haha!)

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