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Before & After Home Office Interior Design | Five Tips for Success!

Hi friends!

I have always wanted to re-design our home office, and ever after the start of the stay-at-home orders, I had no idea it was going to last as long as it has so far. January 2021’s New Years Resolution included redesigning and refurnishing our space in the home office!

Five steps to be successful in a redesign project:

1. Planning – Establish a budget, draft a rough design, and come up with a time table of when you would like to start and end the project.
Ask questions: Do I need to start selling pieces I have? How much money could I expect if I sell? What is my top dollar budget? Am I okay with splurging on some important pieces (sofa, table, etc.)?
2. Set clear objectives from the beginning – Avoid impulsive purchases by having your eyes set on what you planned on getting in your design. Don’t go to Target with the intention of getting a floor lamp, a couple plants, and a picture, but end up leaving with the whole store. This is how you get thrown over budget.
3. Execute! – Begin purchasing your products once you have the finalized design with all the pieces you’ve found online into a vision board.
I can make a tutorial on using PowerPoint later on, especially if someone lets me know they are interested (shoot me an email)!
4. Track all the incoming pieces and begin placing as they come in.
5. Was there anything I could have done better? – First off…everything should be in place and it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space. But that’s not all! It is important to evaluate things mistakes that were made by asking questions:
did you wait too long to order something that eventually sold out?
did you not measure everything down to the “T”?
is there any mistakes that could be learned from for the next project?
This is a great opportunity to improve the next space you work on!

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