Five Tips for Designing an Interior Space

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Every single one of my design projects start with an action plan. A well curated space should be beautiful and functional. For example, one of my hobbies is PC gaming with my husband so I needed to make sure my Home Office project would accommodate two large gaming rig computers. If you have not seen the mind blowing before and after photos of that project…you need to check that out here!

FIRST. Consider your budget and plan accordingly.

It is important to consider a realistic budget before you decide to design a space. To do this, you need to:

1. Draft a concept design of the items you envision going in that space. This is just a draft, so research some furniture pieces and the range of prices along with the cost of decorative items such as rugs, lamps, greenery, etc.
2. Consider the quality you want. Below I discuss more in detail about “important” items, but I suggest that you plan your budget ahead of time to include the pieces that will truly make you happy for long-term. That means, getting the pieces you want…that pottery barn dresser you’ve been eyeing? Consider splurging on that and finding some more affordable pieces around it. There’s no doubt the quality is there so splurging on the sofa, but maybe saving on other items is the suggested route.

SECOND. Discover your design style and decide on color palettes.

One thing that can break the cohesiveness of a space is pieces of furniture or decor that do not balance with each other. I am not referring to matching; on the contrary, I would suggest against purchasing matching sets. A space should have unique looking items that blend well together.
Examples of what I mean include:
committing to a metal color (brass, silver, gold)
committing to a color palette (neutral, pops of color, glam)
committing to the type of vibe you want to feel (glamorous, cozy, minimalistic)

THIRD. Identify your “important” pieces and style around those.

Where to begin designing you ask? Well that starts with your important pieces. After going on Pinterest or looking at magazines, what are a few pieces that make you SO happy? Those are the pieces you want to incorporate and then start to style around.
Many times in a living room that would be the sofa, chairs, area rug. These are just examples.
Are you designing a nursery? Consider choosing the crib or area rug before anything else since that typically is the focal point and will tie the room together. Is there a changing table you can’t live without? Style around that.

EXPERIENCE TIP: Design your dream room with NO COST in mind at first. Go to those designer websites and go to town on making your vision board. Afterwards, you would be surprised how many look-alike items you can find on Amazon, Target, World Market, HomeGoods, and so many other more affordable places. But if you design your board without cost at first, you will have a clear vision in mind of what your heart truly wants.

FOURTH. My rule of thumb is to keep it subtle.

When you start to throw pieces together, it can quickly get out of hand with colors, designs, textures, metals, and so many things for the eye to see. Look for subtle pieces that will effortlessly elevate a space. Look at the accent chair I put above in my design, I originally had a real modern chair with brass metal and a pop of color. It was great, but I wanted a design soft to the eyes in this case so that monochrome accent chair is great.
In other words, not everything is the center piece so keep that in mind when picking all of your pieces.
I have heard that the further your eye travels without being interrupted by some clash in design is what makes a beautiful space feel so pleasing to look at.

FIFTH. Use a program to create a vision board so that it is easy to mix, match, move, replace, and play around with the design until it is perfect.

I am excited because I will be making a tutorial soon on “How to EASILY Create a Vision Board for Free”! Subscribe below to get notified by email when that comes out very soon!! And follow me on Instagram @michellemanriquezzz.

Xoxo, Michelle.

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