3.27.21 1

Casual Spring Outfit of the Day

Happy Saturday, friends 🌻

Click the product images below to shop my outfit of the day! I go to grab this sweatshirt all the time now because it is so soft and easy to use for a casual grocery run or before a workout.

If you checked out my stories on my Instagram, you’ll know we got our taxes done today. Let’s just say, I hope your outcome was better! 🥴 But this time it wasn’t my fault! Ahem, Michael! 😂 Oh well, we move on! After that, we went to the neighborhood “Bunny-palooza” which normally is a big party celebration each year with all the neighbors, but this year it was a drive thru which was also fun! We hit the jackpot since they were closing up and decided to give all of their donuts, cookies, and goodies away! Now we are going to give them all to family and friends ❤️

60% off

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